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A special note on bugs

As developers we know that you have special insight into how things work, and we want to make it easy for you to let us know if you are having a problem or find something that could be improved.  Always feel free to file a ticket and we will do our best to fix it.

Embedded tests are a way for 3rd party developers to take advantage of the net-score system to collect measurement data for a particular population.  One problem with traditional measurement tools is that you need to find a way to convince users to visit your website, and the the type of person that you can convince to measure the performance of their network connection is arguably not very representative.  As a solution we have designed our system to allow our measurement tools to be easily embedded into any website and in the future we will have libraries allowing easy integration into applications outside the browser.  There are presently two ways to integrate net-score in your project with more on the way.  First thing's first...

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Adding sites

Feather Tests

Very lightweight (featherweight) tests that are transparent to the user.  These tests are included in the 3rd party page by either a invisible iframe or Google Gadget.  They are loaded after the primary page loads so they don't affect page load times.  The results are available to the 3rd party developer but not necessarily to the person visiting the developer's site.  These tests require little planning on the part of the developer and are the easiest to deploy.

Code generation

Code deployment

Egg Tests

Basically egg tests are feather tests that are visible to the user.  They also don't slow down the main page load speed, but they display a progress bar to the user and when the test completes they are given a link that will display the results in a new window.  The name egg was picked because clicking on the link results produces the full application.

Code deployment

Actual Test  Screen Shot

Egg test screen shot

We realize that the appearance of a site is important to the developer, so if you are interested in deploying an egg test, but the style is clashing with your site let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Future Tests

These tests are either still on the drawing board or in early stages of development.  If you have specific interests in deploying one of these test please let us know.

Flock Tests

These tests are intended to measure the same range of metrics that one finds on the net-score homepage.  These deployments will probably require more planning, but will allow our system to be translated to new languages, new layouts, or to be accessed by new URLs.

Fowl Tests

Similar to the flock tests, but used in cases where a common subset of metrics are deployed, and less planning or customization is needed.